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  • Batch type Asphalt Mixing Plant
Batch type Asphalt Mixing Plant
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Model:LD60, LD90, LD1800, LD240
Rated capacity: 60TPH, 90TPH, 110TPH, 180TPH
Mixer: twin-shaft forcd mixer, single-shaft mixer
Color: customer's requirement
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Product Parameter
Product Features
Technical data of Batch type Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model Rated capacity Mixer capacity Cold hopper dry drum(D*W) bag filter area Vibrating screen Bitumen heating burner Hot mixing storage silo
LD60 45-60TPH 0.8t 4*6.5m 1.2*5.2m 230m3 4 15*104kcal/h 15t(for optional)
LD90 60-90TPH 1.1t 4*6.5m 1.5*6.6m 420m3 4 30*104kcal/h 30t(for optional)
LD105 90-105TPH 1.25t 4*6.5m 1.8*8.0m 420m3 4 30*104kcal/h 30t(for optional)
LD125 110-125TPH 1.6t 4*8m 1.8*8.0m 450m3 4 40*104kcal/h 30t(for optional)
LD175 140-175TPH 2.2t 5*8m 2.2*9.0m 560m3 5 50*104kcal/h 30t(for optional)
LD200 180-200TPH 2.5t 5*8m 2.6*9.5m 620m3 5 50*104kcal/h 70t(for optional)
LD240 200-240TPH 3t 5*10m 2.6*9.5m 917m3 5 75*104kcal/h 80t(for optional)


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